BracketBot: December 9, 2019

I'm back in for the 2019-2020 season! Apologies to everyone who was looking for a lot of offseason content - I promise to make more of an effort at that next offseason. I gave this year's ratings a month or so to settle in, although there's still a skosh of preseason data in the ratings … Continue reading BracketBot: December 9, 2019


BracketBot’s Guide to the 2019 NCAA Tournament

It's finally here! The bracket was released last night during the Selection Show, and we now know the arrangement of the 68 teams that will be competing for the Division I men's basketball national championship! If you're a complete basketball novice trying to win your office pool, or just looking to supplement your intuition with … Continue reading BracketBot’s Guide to the 2019 NCAA Tournament

BracketBot: February 17, 2019

1: Duke, Gonzaga, Virginia, Kentucky 2: Kansas, Michigan State, Michigan, Tennessee 3: North Carolina, Houston, Texas Tech, Purdue 4: LSU, Marquette, Iowa State, Nevada 5: Louisville, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Villanova 6: Wisconsin, Maryland, Kansas State, Mississippi State 7: Iowa, Auburn, Buffalo, Cincinnati 8: Texas, Syracuse, Oklahoma, Washington 9: TCU, Baylor, Ole Miss, Ohio State … Continue reading BracketBot: February 17, 2019