Season Sim: February 11, 2020

It's time for another Season Sim! In this feature, I set BracketBot's predictive mechanisms on full speed and have it play out the entire remainder of the 2020 season from today forward. I offer no guarantees, but this is one way that the rest of the season could play out. Let's get right into it! … Continue reading Season Sim: February 11, 2020

Conference Tournament Preview, Part IV

Hey all, this is the final installment of BracketBot's conference tournament preview series! We're taking a look at all 32 conference tournaments, talking who's most likely to win, which low-seeded teams have a good chance of advancing, and more! You can find the entire series here: - Part I: Atlantic Sun, Big South, Horizon, Missouri … Continue reading Conference Tournament Preview, Part IV

Conference Tournament Preview, Part II

It's time to preview another group of conference tournaments! I had originally thought to split the 32 conferences into four groups and preview them eight at a time, but to this point, only 13 conferences have finished regular season play. So, you'll get five more tournament previews in this update, and the rest... well, at … Continue reading Conference Tournament Preview, Part II

Conference Tournament Preview, Part I

Can you believe it's already time for conference tournaments to get underway? The first set of games is Monday, March 4! Though plenty of conferences still need to finish their regular seasons, (mostly smaller) leagues start play this week, and the first automatic bid will be handed out on Saturday! In this first preview edition, … Continue reading Conference Tournament Preview, Part I