BracketBot: March 6, 2019

Seed List:

1: Virginia, Duke, Gonzaga, North Carolina
2: Michigan, Michigan State, Tennessee, Kentucky
3: Texas Tech, Houston, Purdue, LSU
4: Kansas, Marquette, Florida State, Virginia Tech
5: Kansas State, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Nevada
6: Iowa State, Wisconsin, Villanova, Auburn
7: Maryland, Mississippi State, Louisville, UCF
8: VCU, Oklahoma, Iowa, Washington
9: Baylor, Syracuse, Wofford, Texas
10: Ohio State, Utah State, Minnesota, TCU
11: Florida, St John’s, Arizona State, Ole Miss
12: Clemson, NC State, New Mexico State, Temple, Creighton, Murray State
13: Old Dominion, Lipscomb, UC Irvine, Vermont
14: Hofstra, Yale, Drake, South Dakota State
15: Georgia Southern, N Kentucky, Montana, Colgate
16: Radford, Abilene Christian, Texas Southern, Rider, St Francis PA, Norfolk State

Made some formula tweaks today, primarily because a lingering problem I’ve had to deal with with BracketBot this year is that Kansas is continually ranked too high! I think 13th on the S-Curve, instead of 10th, is the right place for them, especially after yesterday’s drubbing at the hands of Oklahoma. They may wind up a 3 seed eventually, but at this moment they should be ranked behind those teams. The actual formula changes involved rebalancing the extent to which strength of schedule is considered – a lower priority placed on non-conference SOS primarily, though there were some other tweaks. Still, this is a net positive for teams from non-power conferences, especially Nevada and Buffalo, both jumping back up to the 5 line.

The consequences in terms of the composition of this bracket are that Temple is now in it and St Mary’s isn’t. Also a net positive, I think, since Temple does seem to be more highly-regarded, so I’m happy with the formula changes today. We’ll see how I feel about them tomorrow!

Last Four Byes: Florida, St John’s, Arizona State, Ole Miss
Last Four In: Clemson, NC State, Temple, Creighton
First Four Out: St Mary’s, Indiana, Seton Hall, Belmont
Next Four Out: Alabama, Nebraska, Georgetown, Butler

Bids by conference:
ACC 9, Big XII/Big Ten 8, SEC 7, Big East/AAC 4, Pac-12/MWC 2

Full bracket below. Procedurally, the seed list has five Big Ten teams between the 2, 7 and 10 lines, so Ohio State was elevated to a 9 to assure that they wouldn’t play each other. Texas became the top 10 seed.

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