BracketBot: January 11, 2019

Seed List:

1: Duke, Kansas, Virginia, Tennessee
2: Michigan, Michigan State, Gonzaga, Nevada
3: North Carolina, Texas Tech, Houston, Florida State
4: TCU, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, Buffalo
5: Villanova, Mississippi State, Maryland, Auburn
6: UCF, St John’s, Kentucky, Marquette
7: LSU, Iowa State, Seton Hall, Ohio State
8: Indiana, Cincinnati, Iowa, Wisconsin
9: Texas, Syracuse, Minnesota, Temple
10: Kansas State, Nebraska, Arizona State, Purdue
11: Alabama, Ole Miss, Arizona, Washington, Louisville, NC State
12: VCU, New Mexico State, Wofford, Murray State
13: Vermont, Hofstra, UC Irvine, Lipscomb
14: Old Dominion, Yale, N Kentucky, Texas State
15: Loyola IL, South Dakota State, Montana, Radford
16: Abilene Christian, Bucknell, Rider, Wagner, Texas Southern, NC A&T

Couple of changes to the composition of today’s bracket: Washington and Ole Miss both enter as at-large bid holders, bumping out both Butler and Creighton; that takes the Big East down to just 4 teams in the field. And the flip in the automatic qualifier from the Atlantic Sun conference from earlier this week has been un-flipped – BracketBot now estimates that Lipscomb would beat Liberty 52% of the time, so Lipscomb is back in as a 13-seed.

Full bracket:

One minor fix made to make the bracket valid – too many Big Ten teams on the 2, 7 and 10 lines, so Purdue is bumped down to an 11 seed and Alabama takes the final 10 seed.

Last Four Byes: Nebraska, Arizona State, Purdue, Alabama
Last Four In: Ole Miss, Washington, Louisville, NC State
First Four Out: Butler, Creighton, Arkansas, Clemson
Next Four Out: UCLA, San Francisco, Fresno State, Florida

Bids by conference:
Big Ten 10, ACC 8, Big XII/SEC 7, Big East/American 4, Pac-12 3

(edit: the bracket in this post has been updated; due to some previous testing, I had accidentally included 2 Ohio States and no Wisconsin in the actual bracket! That’s been fixed.)

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