BracketBot: January 1, 2019

Seed List:

1: Kansas, Duke, Nevada, Michigan
2: Virginia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Gonzaga
3: Florida State, Michigan State, TCU, Mississippi State
4: Houston, Ohio State, Auburn, Virginia Tech
5: Buffalo, Kentucky, Kansas State, Marquette
6: Nebraska, Indiana, Texas Tech, North Carolina
7: Wisconsin, Cincinnati, UCF, St John’s
8: LSU, Villanova, Minnesota, Seton Hall
9: Iowa State, Arizona State, Texas, Creighton
10: Alabama, Iowa, Temple, Maryland
11: NC State, Syracuse, Louisville, Clemson, Belmont, Arizona
12: VCU, New Mexico State, Drake, Old Dominion
13: UC Irvine, Vermont, Lipscomb, N Kentucky
14: Hofstra, Montana, Yale, Wofford
15: Texas State, Abilene Christian, South Dakota State, Radford
16: Austin Peay, Bucknell, Rider, Texas Southern, Fairleigh Dickinson, NC A&T

Fully arranged bracket:

This set of seeds does not create a perfectly feasible bracket, since there’s no way to properly match up the 3, 6 and 11 seeds in accordance with NCAA guidelines, so this bracket is the bot’s best attempt to do so while breaking as few rules as possible. In actuality, some teams would need their seed lines shuffled. In this bracket, the error is Clemson’s First Four game leading directly to a first round matchup with North Carolina.

Last Four Byes: Iowa, Temple, Maryland, NC State
Last Four In: Syracuse, Louisville, Clemson, Belmont
First Four Out: Butler, Purdue, Washington, Toledo
Next Four Out: Providence, Florida, Missouri, Arkansas

Bids by Conference:
ACC/Big Ten 9, Big XII 7, SEC 6, Big East 5, American 4, Pac-12/OVC 2

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